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Financial Planning - using our proprietary tool, we work with clients to develop a plan to accomplish their long-term goals.  We can run multiple scenarios and "what-if" analysis to assess risks inherent in the plan or to incorporate decisions that will be made later.

Tax and Estate Planning - we work with clients to plan ahead to optimize taxes and to structure assets for efficient disposition from an estate.  We are not attorneys and do not develop wills or trusts, but we can prepare clients for their meeting with an estate attorney.

Philanthropy Planning - proper planning can greatly improve the effectiveness of philanthropic giving.  We work with clients to select the optimal assets for giving, and to structure the gifts in the most effective way possible.  We are not attorneys, and do not set up trusts, but we can advise on whether a charitable trust is appropriate and how it should be structured. 

Portfolio Construction - we craft a custom portfolio to meet each client's objectives, and implement the recommendation, using efficient investments (typically Electronically Traded Funds) to get the correct exposure at a low cost.

Portfolio Management - we manage certain asset class strategies in-house, and are able to manage a fully customized portfolio of individual stocks for individual clients.  Contact us to learn more about our portfolio management offerings.

We do not offer non-discretionary investment management.